Kermetico HVAF and HVOF thermal spray equipment

Coating Services

HVAF Thermal Spraying Metal onto a Nozzle of a Pressure Vessel H2S Resistant Coating for Pressure Vessels
Our H₂S resistant coating protect pressure vessels from hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide corrosion.
tungsten carbide lined fitting erosion resistant fittings Tungsten Carbide Lined Pipes
We apply highly wear resistant tungsten carbide coatings onto the ID's of pipes and fittings.
Hard chrome replacement with Kermetico HVAF Hard Chrome Replacement
There is an increasing demand to replace electrolytic hard chrome coatings in corrosive environments with environmentally friendly long-lasting tungsten carbide coatings or inexpensive stainless steel coatings.
kermetico hvaf cavitation coating equipment to protect hydro turbines from cavitation and erosion Cavitation and Erosion Resistant Coatings for Hydro Turbines
Our tungsten carbide coatings protect hydro turbine runners, vanes and wicket gates from cavitation and erosion.
kermetico-hvaf-coating-equipment-for-wear-and-erosion-protection-of-pump-impellers Wear Protection of Pump Impellers
Our coatings protect pump impellers from cavitation, corrosion and particle erosion.
HVAF Alloy Coating to Protect Heat Exchanger ID surfaces Heat Exchanger Corrosion Resistant Coatings
Our HVAF + HVOF equipment is designed to spray impermeable corrosion resistant coatings onto internal surfaces of heat exchangers.
Thermal Spray Boiler Tube On-Site Coating Boiler Tube Coatings
We recommend chromium carbide themal spray coatings to resist corrosion and wear of boiler tubes and waterwalls.
kermetico hvaf metal-to-metal valve coating-deposition-onto-a-ball-valve Gas-Tight Coatings for Ball and Gate Valves
Our WCCoCr, Cr3C2 and Co-based wear and corrosion resistant coatings are used to protect ball and gate valve’s surfaces.
hvaf-and-hvof-thermal-spray-equipment-and-services-for-pump-plungers-wc-co-cr-coating Pump Plunger Hard Coatings
Kermetico HVAF technology and equipment provide a way to replace hard chrome with impermeable, hard and ductile coatings that are easy to apply.
hvaf-and-hvof-thermal-spray-equipment-and-services-for-hydraulic-rod-coatings Hydraulic Piston Rod Coatings
We apply steel and tungsten carbide hydraulic rod coatings with our environmentally friendly HVOF and HVAF equipment.
HVAF tungsten carbide coating of a sleeve Sleeve, Elbow and Fitting Coatings
We have created and use our technology to protect internal surfaces of piping bends, elbows and sleeves in media conveying systems.
HVAF Tungsten Carbide Wear Resistant Coating Cyclones Nozzle Coating for Cyclone Separators
We spray exceptional tungsten carbide coatings to protect separation equipment from erosive wear.
hvaf-thermal-spray-equipment-and-coatings-for-steel-roll wear resistant coatings Wear Resistant Coatings for Steel Rolls
Our hard coatings protect steel rolls in annealing and galvanizing lines of steel mills.
hvaf-thermal-spray-corrosion-and-wear-resistant-coatings for valve stems Sliding Wear Resistance for Valve Stems
We spray impermeable, hard and ductile coatings to improve the sliding wear resistance of valve stems.
HVAF metal spray ESP housing Corrosion and Wear Protection of Submersible Pumps
Kermetico HVAF thermal spray Fe-based coatings provide much better corrosion protection for oilfield submersible pump housings at a lower cost than conventional TWAS Monel-type layers.
hvaf-and-hvof-thermal-spray-equipment-and-services-for-compressor-rod-coatings Compressor Rod Coatings
Our customers request our wear resistant carbide coatings to repair piston rods or protect new compressor rods.
Lining Cylinders and Barrels
Hard and ductile carbide and metal coatings provide a higher level of wear and abrasion protection than most bare metals.
HVAF Tungsten Carbide Auger Coating Thick Coatings for Screws and Augers
Our thick (up to several millimeters) wear resistant auger coatings protect them from corrosion and abrasive wear.
hvaf-thermal-spray-equipment-and-coatings-for-paper-rolls-carbide coatings Wear Resistance for Pulp & Paper Rolls
Proper paper roll coatings improve sheet release, reduce draw, improve dewatering performance and ensure excellent calendering results.
Slurry pump impeller wear protected with HVAF tungsten carbide coating Protecting Slurry Pumps
Our HVAF equipment has been chosen by the largest American corporations to protect slurry pump impellers, backing plates, liners and volutes from erosion and abrasion by hard solid particles.
WCCoCr for Mud Motor Rotors
The wear resistance of mud rotor surfaces is one of the key factors of oil well directional drilling costs.
the-wear-protection-of-shafts-with-hvaf-and-hvof-thermal-spray-equipment-and-coating-services Industrial Machinery Shafts
Kermetico HVAF technology and equipment allow the deposition of impermeable, hard and ductile coatings to protect shafts from corrosion and wear.
repair-of-steam-turbine-blades-with-kermetico-ak61 Steam Turbine Blades
Our impermeable, hard and ductile coatings protect steam turbine blades from water droplet erosion.
Tinning of trapezoidal acme tread Tinning, Tin Plating
Tin spray plating provides excellent anti-galling properties and corrosion resistance for food processing equipment.
HVAF Turbine Rotor Coating Spraying a Turbine Rotor
Our hard and ductile tungsten carbide coatings protect turbomachinery rotor labyrinth seals from corrosion and wear.
Kermetico HVAF Corrugating roll coating Corrugating Rolls
HVAF technology provides the fast and efficient way to spray tungsten carbide coatings onto corrugating rolls on site & in house.
HVOF Coating Large Parts Large Surface Coatings
We have created the best equipment to spray wear resistant metal and carbide coatings onto large parts.
HVOF Thermal Spray Flat Surfaces Flat Surface Coatings
Our HVAF + HVOF technology provides an effective way to protect flat surfaces from abrasion, erosion and corrosion.
Kermetico HVAF AK5 Spraying Hastelloy C onto an Inside Diameter Protecting Exhaust Fans
Our coatings provide an efficient way to protect exhaust fan impellers from abrasive wear.
HVAF Thermal Spray Coating Corrosion Resistant Coatings
An ideal corrosion resistant coating acts as a barrier to inhibit the contact of corrosive agents with a substrate while maintaining its qualities in different temperatures and pressures.
HVAF Repair Aluminum coating Repair of Aerospace Parts
Our Kermetico HVAF+HVOF systems deposit metal coatings which are intended to repair aerospace parts made of aluminum or titanium.
Repair of Refinery Parts Repair of Refinery Components
Being surrounded by several refineries, we regullary repair their parts worn by erosion, corrosion and abrasion or mismachined.
al-bronze1 Electronic Grade Coatings
We deposit 50+ µm (0.002”) thick coatings of copper, aluminum, bronze and other low melting point metals onto electronic components.
HVAF Wear Resistant Coating Wear Resistant Coatings
Our HVAF wear resistant coatings are superior to conventional HVOF rivals regarding hardness, porosity, ductility and production cost
3D Printing Aluminum Additive Manufacturing
Find out how you can use our equipment to 3D print copper, aluminum and their alloys.
Quality of HVAF Coatings HVAF Coating Quality
Consistently high HVAF coating quality allows us to spray carbide and metal coatings with less effort and fewer QC issues. Find out why.

HVOF Thermal Spray Coating Services in California, USA

We run full-service thermal spray coating facility in Benicia, San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA:

  • HVAF and HVOF thermal spray coatings of metals and alloys, such as stainless steel, Inconel-type, Stellite-type, Triballoy-type, Hastelloy-type to protect against wear and corrosion, as well as specialty metals such as copper and its alloys, aluminum alloys and tin
  • High velocity deposition of cemented tungsten carbide, chromium carbide, molybdenum borides, intermetallic compounds and more
  • HVOF coating repair of worn parts by material build-up
  • HVAF and HVOF equipment for the deposition of high-quality coatings

We use advanced high-velocity air-fuel thermal spraying technologies to deliver exceptional coatings with uniform quality throughout its structure that are unrivaled in the California thermal spray industry. Automated robotic applications and strict quality control ensure durable and lasting surfaces, every single time.

The Kermetico HVOF Thermal Spray Facility in Benicia, California Bay Area

We spray parts in the Benicia Industrial Park in the North-Eastern San Francisco Bay Area. Major oil refineries, steelworks, and other industrial sites are our neighbors and clients.

We make the jobs of plant managers and maintenance personnel easier by the timely delivery of quality coatings that improve the performance of machines, vessels and structures. We are committed to providing the best quality coatings by using the most advanced technologies in high-velocity thermal spraying and surface engineering.

Our HVOF Coating Facilities

  • A soundproof spray booth, 32’L x 12’W x 10’H, equipped with a removable roof and 3.5-ton overhead crane
  • Another soundproof spray booth, 50’L x 14’W x 12’H, its sections expanding over 96’ in length and has a 10-ton overhead crane
  • A 12,000 CFM Donaldson Torit dust collector and exhaust ventilation connected to our spray booths
  • 100 HP Kaeser electric air compressor
  • 40 HP Kaeser electric air compressor
  • Six-axis robot, Motoman HP20
  • Six-axis robot, Motoman HP50
  • Multiple motorized linear traversing devices
  • Multiple rotators, turntables and a five position multi-chuck part rotator
  • Three stations for thermal spray coating application (Kermetico HVAF and HVOF coating equipment)
  • Grit blast cabinet system, 6’L x 4’W x 3’H, with a separate dust collector
  • Vacuum grit blast system
  • Turning lathe, milling machine, drill presses, ovens, welders, etc.
  • Quality control instrumentation

Capacities for Thermal Spray Coatings Application on Parts

Having a partnership with several well-equipped machine shops around, we provide overall repair of worn equipment.

With thirty plus years of experience in the thermal spray industry, we can either process your specific coating, help you choose the right coating for your application, or at least refer you to the appropriate coating supplier and surface engineering process.

The Quality of Kermetico HVAF Corrosion and Wear Resistant Coatings
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The Quality of Kermetico HVAF Corrosion and Wear Resistant Coatings